FormFab LLC | Full Contour/GD&T Inspection Fixtures

Full Contour/GD&T Inspection Fixtures

FormFab engineers/craftsmen have been designing and building custom full contour inspection fixtures for over 20 years. Building these fixtures are one of our core competencies and represents a good portion of our repeat business. Companies come to FormFab because of our high quality craftsmanship and detail oriented manufacturing process. These fixtures are CAD designed with functionality in mind and allow for easy inspection of your production parts.

  • Full contour of tube assembly inspected
  • Tolerance envelope built into fixture shape
  • CAD designed
  • CNC machined precision
  • CMM certified
  • Easy operator verification in production environment
  • Available in composite, aluminum, steel and wood
FormFab LLC Full Contour Inspection Fixtures

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Full Contour/GD&T Fixtures