About FormFab

Serving our customers since 1998

From inception, our founder recognized that there was a collective niche in the industry for a company to supply tube contour inspection fixtures and meet the demand for specialized design and prototype projects for Tier 1 automotive tubing suppliers.

With this vision and specialized need, FormFab has positioned itself as a leader in the industry when it comes to craftsmanship and the ability to exceed customer expectations for those Tier 1 and additional OEM suppliers.

As our growth strategy presented further opportunities, FormFab has expanded to include short run production led by a multi-faceted team of experienced tube fabrication professionals.

Headquartered in Rochester Hills, Michigan, FormFab has a 16,000 square foot facility that houses our tooling and gauge/fixture build and design operations. Adjacent to the tooling operation is a 25,000 square foot state of the art facility dedicated to prototype development, low volume production, support, and headquarters.

The FormFab formula for success includes constant innovation, precise work flow processes and a commitment to quality as evidenced by our ISO/TS 16949:2009 Certification.

FormFab's facilities
  • Manufacturer of precision bent metal and nylon tubing assemblies & inspection fixtures for the tubing industry. Focusing on the prototype needs of our Tier 1 automotive customers.
  • QMS certified to ISO/TS 16949:2009 with Six Sigma Black Belts and Green Belts on staff.
  • Specialists in prototype development & low volume production of small diameter tubular products including:
    • transmission oil cooler lines
    • air conditioning assemblies
    • heater tubes
    • power steering lines
    • brake and fuel lines
    • oil pickup tubes
    • cable guide tubes
    • fuel filler tubes
    • seat frames
    • nylon tube assemblies
  • 16,000 sq. ft. tooling/gauge fabrication facility and 25,000 sq. ft. production and head offices located in Rochester Hills, Michigan.
  • Equipment capacities-Fabricating, bending/forming and end forming of up to 1-1/2 in. diameter of various metal tubing and Multilayer nylon tubing.
  • In-house processes include:
    • Cutting
    • Bending
    • End forming
    • Welding
    • Brazing
    • Leak testing
    • Crimping
    • Nylon/MLT tube forming and assembly
    • Reverse engineering
    • End form development
  • Specialized in building inspection fixtures for the tubing industry. Inspection fixture styles include:
    • Standard wood contour
    • CNC machined composite
    • Metal construction
  • In-house inspection services available.
  • Other products include
    • Component inspection fixtures
    • Build, design and construction of multilayer forming fixtures
    • GD & T fixtures
    • Weld fixtures
    • Formed hose mandrels for the rubber hose industry
  • CMM certified & traceable to NIST standards.


FormFab, just wanted to send a note to thank you for the quick turnaround on the prototypes. Our customer was working on cars until 2:00am this morning and was able to equip cars for the SEMA show with the assembly you provided.

Sales - Tier 1 Automotive supplier

Thanks again to all of you and your crew for your support, I cannot stress enough how great of a partner FormFab is for us. THANK YOU!!!

Purchasing - Conversion Van Manufacturer

I want to thank you guys for coming through. I know you guys are professionals, and you have shown it. Let's keep in contact to ensure we stay on top. Thanks again for you efforts.

Engineering - Tier 1 Automotive supplier

Guys, again thank you to the FormFab staff for their hard work and excellent support of Ford's design issue over this past weekend.

Engineering - Tier 1 Automotive supplier